Friends & Neighbors,

Two years ago, I ran for Mayor to restore Miami Beach’s reputation as a city that works; as a quality destination known for its beaches, its iconic architecture and buildings, and, most importantly, for the power and diversity of its people.

Nearly two years later, I’m proud to report that we’ve reformed City government and restored public confidence by utilizing a simple philosophy I learned in the real world: “Just Get It Done!”

With your support, a lot of hard work, and hands-on attention to doing just that, we’re taking back the beach from the politics of the past so that together we can embrace the promise of the future.

I’ve utilized my lifetime experience of making things work and applied it to my job as your Mayor. I’ve always believed “the speed of the leader determines the rate of the pack,” and this has allowed us to make huge advances on the five major goals we set out to accomplish at the end of 2013:

  • Fix Street Flooding – we have a short term and long term plan to keep our streets dry
  • Reform City Finances – we’ve invested in excellence, not mediocrity
  • Clean up Corruption – we’ve led by example, not government scandal
  • Customer Service – now at City Hall, the people come first
  • One City – North Beach, Middle Beach, and South Beach now ONE MIAMI BEACH

Mayor Philip LevineAs your Mayor, I’ve worked to make Miami Beach better – fixing what’s wrong, expanding what’s right, and returning Miami Beach to its rightful owners: her residents.

I am running for re‑election to keep this going, while representing the hopes and dreams of the people who live in Miami Beach today – not City Hall insiders, not lobbyists, and not the big money interests, because the only special interest I care about are the residents who call Miami Beach home.

This also explains why, like two years ago, I will be self‑funding my campaign, from my own personal money, and will limit those who want to invest in my campaign to $100 or less. I will not accept PAC money, and I will not accept money from lobbyists, because the only actions I intend to take, the only decisions I intend to make, are going to be based on the magnitude of its impact helping Miami Beach, not on the size of a check.

Over the coming weeks and months, I will share with you my plans and vision for keeping us heading in the right direction, by offering solutions to our transportation system, our traffic, and our preservation of neighborhoods, while showing that as Miami Beach grows, we will grow smart.

I humbly ask for your vote so that I can keep our City moving forward in the right direction.

Let the campaign for Miami Beach’s future continue!


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Philip Levine

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