Re-elect Mayor Philip Levine, Miami Beach 2015

Goals reached

Clean Up Corruption

I’ve led the effort to fight corruption and clean up City Hall. First, we have an outstanding City Manager who brings fresh leadership and integrity on a daily basis, and an incredible staff to back it up. Next, we recruited a nationally respected professional as our Chief of Police, and he changed the entire command structure to achieve excellence and community respect. Finally, we’ve supported the administration’s efforts to weed out former corrupt public officials and replace them with professional and ethical staff. To me, public trust and confidence is the most vital part of our success.

Fix Street Flooding

We have begun making big strides in fighting one of the surest signs of climate change: street flooding, even on a sunny day. It threatens our residents, it tarnishes our image, and it raises questions about the future. That’s why we’re aggressively fighting back, beginning with installation of state‑of‑the‑art pumps that will filter the water and return it to sea, where it belongs. Miami Beach has become a model for others to follow in fighting back against sea level rise.

Reform City Finances

We stopped the old, blank-check Convention Center deal from 2013, not only because it was outrageously expensive, but also because it placed the interests of developers over all of us who live here. Today, I’m proud to report that we’ll have a new, renovated world-class convention center, and a new green space park, versus more buildings.

Further, unlike the federal, state, or county government, here at Miami Beach we’ve consciously targeted and invested our public funds to improve infrastructure for the future. We’ve also re‑evaluated city contracts to ensure that all sides, including the residents, are getting a fair deal; and we’ve fostered competition by requiring public bids of old contracts to eliminate backroom renewals. Taxpayers work hard for their money. This City should work equally hard to ensure that money is wisely spent.

Priority on Customer Service

At City Hall, we’ve put our customers first and put the government on track to be one of America’s best when it comes to serving our residents and businesses. We’ve initiated new smartphone and tablet apps to make it easier for residents and visitors with parking, accessing City services, and reporting problems so that they get resolved in a timely manner. City Hall is there to represent you, to serve you, to be there for you.